Life: For Niswat – Health Update

This update was shared on Facebook at the start of the month. Since the update below, Niswat appears to be in good spirits, although the side-effects of her treatments are beginning to show. Continue to pray for her, that God will keep her, speed up her recovery and continue to be her strength. The Nurses … Continue reading Life: For Niswat – Health Update

Life: In Conclusion

In conclusion I am choosing to walk hand-in-hand with God and His purpose for my life. I am choosing, with His help, that in the coming year and years to come, I will start each day with my conclusion - my introduction and middle will eventually write themselves. "In conclusion..." That's how most of my secondary … Continue reading Life: In Conclusion

Life: For Niswat – Fundraising Medical Appeal UPDATE – FUNDS RAISED! 🙌🏾

For Niswat. You're loved. 😘 UPDATE BELOW Hello, and a blessed Friday to all! I write this with a heart full of gratitude and the biggest smile on my face.. I wanted to let you all know that we reached, and even exceeded the overall target we set for Niswat's fundraising. We have managed to … Continue reading Life: For Niswat – Fundraising Medical Appeal UPDATE – FUNDS RAISED! 🙌🏾

Life: For Niswat – Fundraising Medical Appeal

For Niswat. We met in Mombasa, when you were two. Full of life and a joy to be around. You sat with us young ladies as if we were age mates, Out on Bibi Blues' shore front balcony as we got our henna done. While you laughed at my accent, I teased you for being an … Continue reading Life: For Niswat – Fundraising Medical Appeal

Life: No New Friends

I closed my Bible, switched off the light and cried. The fact that Nehemiah's donkey couldn't make it up the rubble of the ruined city walls wasn't what moved me to tears (albeit Biblical), what caused me to cry was indeed the title of a Drake song I've never actually heard (my cousin Tumi would be … Continue reading Life: No New Friends

Writing: I’ll Be Honest…

Over the past few days I've been reading Proverbs 10 and verse 11 really stood out to me and it pretty much says "The words of the godly lead to life..." If you've been following my blog you'd notice some inconsistency with how often I post and it has been stressing me. I have big … Continue reading Writing: I’ll Be Honest…