Life: For Niswat – Fundraising Medical Appeal

For Niswat.

We met in Mombasa, when you were two.

Full of life and a joy to be around.

You sat with us young ladies as if we were age mates,

Out on Bibi Blues’ shore front balcony as we got our henna done.

While you laughed at my accent, I teased you for being an old woman in a small body.

Full of life and a joy to be around.

I recently asked what your name meant,

I was told that it’s not common, it’s rare – it means “Great Women”

My prayer is that you will live to be a Great Woman,

Full of life and a joy to be around.

Niswat is a four year old from Kenya, suffering from a rare condition called Aplastic Anaemia. As you can imagine, seeing and knowing that such a vibrant young child has this condition has been difficult for her family.

Niswat will be having a bone marrow transplant in India and her family is hoping to raise $50,000 (5,000,000 Kenyan Shillings) towards the cost of her trip, treatment(s) and surgery.

What is Aplastic Anaemia?*

“Aplastic anemia is a condition that occurs when your body stops producing enough new blood cells. Aplastic anemia leaves you feeling fatigued and with a higher risk of infections and uncontrolled bleeding.

A rare and serious condition, aplastic anemia can develop at any age. Aplastic anemia may occur suddenly, or it can occur slowly and get worse over a long period of time. Treatment for aplastic anemia may include medications, blood transfusions or a stem cell transplant, also known as a bone marrow transplant.”

How we can help

Firstly, pray for Niswat and her family that God will strengthen them at this time and that Niswat will be completely healed from this condition.

Secondly, accompany your prayer and faith with a donation of any amount to help towards the cost of her surgery (also pray that the treatments/surgery will go well).

To make a donation visit the official Go Fund Me page:

Alternative Ways to Donate

MPESA: For those in Kenya, the Mpesa paybill number is 877730. When prompted for account number, you may write your name.

Via Bank Transfer:
Niswat Medical Fund Account
Acc. No. 0014077901
Bank name: First Community Bank
Branch: South C branch
Swift code: IFCBKENA

Intermediary bank: Standard Chartered Bank, New York (US CURRENCY)
Account number: 3582-024973-001
Swift code: SCBLUS33

You’ll need to provide the Intermediary Bank info if you are making a donation via bank transfer.

Be sure to share the Go Fund Me link and encourage others to assist in anyway possible.

No Prayer will be considered too short.
No Donation will be considered too small.

Signed @OlayideM


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