Life: For Niswat – Health Update

This update was shared on Facebook at the start of the month. Since the update below, Niswat appears to be in good spirits, although the side-effects of her treatments are beginning to show. Continue to pray for her, that God will keep her, speed up her recovery and continue to be her strength.

The Nurses absolutely love her – they rush to see her at the start of their shifts.

Signed @OlayideM

Niswat Update

NiswatHappy new year dear family and friends…

I start this year with an update on Princess Niswat: Niswat managed to find a matching bone marrow donor! When I heard this news, I remembered some time last year when I asked Niswat what she wants to be when she grows up, and if she wants to be a Doctor..
“Wataka kuwa nini ukiwa mkubwa? Doctor?” she said “aah ahh” (nop)
“Nini basi?” (What then?) and she replied with sooo much pride and said “Fatma”.
Fatma is Niswat’s eldest sister, and is Niswat’s matching donor! 

Fatma’s bone marrow will be used for Niswat’s treatment, but she will have to undergo injections for 5 days to boost her white blood cell count. Once these have been collected, Niswat will go through chemo and the transplant procedure will take place after.

This is a critical time for Niswat. Please remember to keep her and her sister in your prayers now more than ever!!

May you all be blessed, and have a prosperous year ahead!

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