Story: The Wedding Guest Explained

So when I said I was going to explain the imagery in this story I didn't actually realise how long it'll take me to do and I also realised that everyone I spoke to about the story each had their different interpretations of the imagery used.  INSPIRED  BY PROVERBS CHAPTER 7 AND LIKE MY OTHER STORIES, THE … Continue reading Story: The Wedding Guest Explained

Story: Kenyan Edition ~ Nakumatt Ukay, Westlands

Train Car stories ~ Short fictional stories inspired by real train commuters people and I’ve intentionally not given the characters names. If I see you, I just may turn you into a story.  Special thanks to Rahma, Ruqayya and Aysa for the Swahili translations and names. 🙂 Date: 26th February 2016 There was no point of … Continue reading Story: Kenyan Edition ~ Nakumatt Ukay, Westlands