Small Chops: He Fell Off His Bike

Small Chops: A Nigerian term for Canapés, Hors d’oeuvres and the like.

Small Chops: Quick thoughts of mine

Sometime last year, I was out one day completing errands for my mum’s party and I saw something that really encouraged me.

A little boy had just crossed the road with his dad and grandmother, riding his tiny bike so confidently with his training wheels on. Having reached the other side of the road his front wheel hit uneven ground and he fell off his bike.

It would have been understandable if he had cried, but he didn’t. He got right back up and stamped on the uneven part of the pavement, almost as if he was reprimanding the pavement for his fall. His dad had watched this second-long incident play out and rather than pet the boy or blame the boy for not looking where he was going, his dad stood above the uneven pavement with his finger wagging. He was telling the pavement off too!

The young boy, got back on his bike and continued to ride on.

Moral of the story, if you hit a roadblock or “fall off your bike”, get back up and continue on because you’re still on your journey. Even when the experience seems demoralising and there’s no way forward, with faith, continue on your journey. The fall itself may not have any significant ‘meaning’ or ‘reason’ in the grand scheme of things, but it’s the rising up that make all the difference.

A bike that isn’t being peddled isn’t moving, and the same with faith; faith is most effective and apparent when demonstrated through action.

Ride on.

Signed @OlayideM


4 thoughts on “Small Chops: He Fell Off His Bike

    1. Me too! Love the moral of the story. Love the story itself. I mean, it’s super-cute. The boy and his father “reprimanding” the pavement. So Awwwwww! I like the “Small Chops” concept too. Awesome!

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