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Life: The Birthday Wish List

IT’S MY BIRTHDAY NEXT WEEK!! Ask me what I want for my birthday and often times I’ll reply “I don’t know.” Well things are different this year, I know a few things I’d like for my birthday, hence this very rare wish list. So, if you feel moved to gift me on my birthday or are one of the people to ask me what I want for my birthday, see below. MasterClass: Malcolm Gladwell Teaches Writing I’d like to develop and learn more about writing and the MasterClass website offers an array of online writing classes. Gift Price: $90 (USD) for single class or $180 (USD) for all year access to all classes available. Gift Purchase Link Amazon eGift Card & iTunes Voucher Who doesn’t love a gift voucher? Anyone interested in getting me an Amazon Gift Card or iTunes Gift Card should let me know so I can provide you with my email address. Amazon Gift Voucher Page | iTunes Gift Voucher Page ASOS Leather Purse I’m in need of a new purse for my debt free …

Event: #AdzvicePush

Taken from their website: “#AdzvicePush is the first in a series of events created to encourage personal and business development. Guest speakers, 1-2-1 sessions and interactive workshops will contribute to a highly anticipated experience.” Date: 29 July 2017 Time: 13:30pm-18:00pm Venue: The Exhibit, 12 Balham Station Rd, SW12 9SG London Tickets available via – early bird tickets have already sold out. The line up of speakers are worth listening to and meeting with. If you or someone you know will benefit from this event then make sure you get your tickets!! Check out the event overview here.* It’s good to support good work and those working on encouraging and helping others. Do attend and experience awesomeness of networking and learning from your peers. Signed @OlayideM *Sign up to and find out how you can save money on your ticket. SaveSave SaveSave

Life: In Conclusion

In conclusion I am choosing to walk hand-in-hand with God and His purpose for my life. I am choosing, with His help, that in the coming year and years to come, I will start each day with my conclusion – my introduction and middle will eventually write themselves. “In conclusion…” That’s how most of my secondary school/GSCE essays ended. It was the beginning of the end, the part where I placed emphasis on the ‘argument’ I said I’ll prove in the introduction. The conclusion was also something we were usually told to write or brainstorm first – “think about how you’d like to end your essay, that tends to help with how you start your essay.” Most times, life is an essay and at this time of year a number of us are ‘proof reading’ our lives to ensure that all our A-grade points have been made and to be honest, it’s overwhelming. 365 days can often feel like the 2-hour GCSE Anthropology English exam in a dead-silent-smelly sports hall, on the hard plastic chairs, while …

dearEvents: Paul Carrick Brunson is BACK!

In 2011 a charismatic, confident Jamaican raised in America set foot in London for his first event in the UK. I didn’t know who he was and possibly didn’t know much about the event except that I was going to volunteer and would end up doing so with heels on and forget to pack some flats (I digress)… PAUL CARRICK BRUNSON IS BACK in London town for ‘It’s Complicated Live’ with an amazing UK panel. Tagged as the real life ‘Hitch‘, Paul has been involved in major moves since his last time in the UK and when I say major I mean Oprah, TV, a book and a NAACP [Literary Work – Instructional] nomination (the event is is named after his book – you know he’s major).