Life: The Birthday Wish List

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY NEXT WEEK!!Ask me what I want for my birthday and often times I'll reply "I don't know." Well things are different this year, I know a few things I'd like for my birthday, hence this very rare wish list. So, if you feel moved to gift me on my birthday or are … Continue reading Life: The Birthday Wish List

Event: #AdzvicePush

Taken from their website: "#AdzvicePush is the first in a series of events created to encourage personal and business development. Guest speakers, 1-2-1 sessions and interactive workshops will contribute to a highly anticipated experience." Date: 29 July 2017 Time: 13:30pm-18:00pm Venue: The Exhibit, 12 Balham Station Rd, SW12 9SG London Tickets available via - early bird tickets have already … Continue reading Event: #AdzvicePush

Life: In Conclusion

In conclusion I am choosing to walk hand-in-hand with God and His purpose for my life. I am choosing, with His help, that in the coming year and years to come, I will start each day with my conclusion - my introduction and middle will eventually write themselves. "In conclusion..." That's how most of my secondary … Continue reading Life: In Conclusion

dearEvents: Paul Carrick Brunson is BACK!

In 2011 a charismatic, confident Jamaican raised in America set foot in London for his first event in the UK. I didn't know who he was and possibly didn't know much about the event except that I was going to volunteer and would end up doing so with heels on and forget to pack some … Continue reading dearEvents: Paul Carrick Brunson is BACK!