Life: No New Friends

I closed my Bible, switched off the light and cried. The fact that Nehemiah's donkey couldn't make it up the rubble of the ruined city walls wasn't what moved me to tears (albeit Biblical), what caused me to cry was indeed the title of a Drake song I've never actually heard (my cousin Tumi would be … Continue reading Life: No New Friends

Writing: I’ll Be Honest…

Over the past few days I've been reading Proverbs 10 and verse 11 really stood out to me and it pretty much says "The words of the godly lead to life..." If you've been following my blog you'd notice some inconsistency with how often I post and it has been stressing me. I have big … Continue reading Writing: I’ll Be Honest…

Life: Overwhelmed by 2016

"Day three of the New Year and I am incredibly overwhelmed" ~ this is how I started my prayer to God. I was overwhelmed by the hype of entering into a new year and the pressure of making moves in 2016. Seeing everyone's life goals, mood board, planners and hearing people shout "This is my Year … Continue reading Life: Overwhelmed by 2016

Life: Don’t Pity Me Because I’m Single

I've been meaning to write something on this topic for a very long time, but every time I started to write this post it never seemed authentic. Writing about it felt forced but then this happened... Half-term at my house and some how my relationship status was the topic for discussion... and my 12 year old cousin … Continue reading Life: Don’t Pity Me Because I’m Single