Story: The Wedding Guest II Explained & the Original Ending

All scriptures mentioned in this post were taken from the New Living Translation unless indicated otherwise. Why I Wrote the Story Writing stories was never something I thought I’ll ever do, but here we are seven stories deep and by far this is the longest short story I’ve written and probably the most strategically written. … Continue reading Story: The Wedding Guest II Explained & the Original Ending

Story: The Wedding Guest II

Thank you to Christabel (@BreakingMadTeam & @Bye_Wig), @Timidi.Photograpy, Namz (@JustForJoshDecorative) & my Parents for helping me out on things I wasn't sure of. Read Part One Here: The Wedding Guest A story inspired by a handful of scriptures from the Bible. Different from my other stories, the characters have been given names you can call them … Continue reading Story: The Wedding Guest II

Story: The Wedding Guest

Inspired  by Proverbs Chapter 7 and Like my other stories, the characters have not been given any names. Update 19.01.2018 - this story now has a part two. Read "The Wedding Guest 2" HERE. “For she has been the ruin of many; many men have been her victims. Her house is the road to the grave. … Continue reading Story: The Wedding Guest

Life: No New Friends

I closed my Bible, switched off the light and cried. The fact that Nehemiah's donkey couldn't make it up the rubble of the ruined city walls wasn't what moved me to tears (albeit Biblical), what caused me to cry was indeed the title of a Drake song I've never actually heard (my cousin Tumi would be … Continue reading Life: No New Friends

Life: Seeing Friendship in #GodsColourScheme

If you're following me on Twitter you know there's rarely a week that goes by when I'm not tweeting about how God has blessed me with some awesome friends. For a while now I've been wanting to post about friendship, but every time I tried, it never felt like "yeah this is it right here" - something … Continue reading Life: Seeing Friendship in #GodsColourScheme