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Life: Overwhelmed by 2016

“Day three of the New Year and I am incredibly overwhelmed” ~ this is how I started my prayer to God. I was overwhelmed by the hype of entering into a new year and the pressure of making moves in 2016. Seeing everyone’s life goals, mood board, planners and hearing people shout “This is my Year of [insert goal here]”*, pretty much put my mind in overdrive and I began to panic and concluded that I hadn’t achieved much in my 20+ years of living unlike my social media** peers. I was overwhelmed and anxious because I had not 100% trusted God with my life. I knew I had to pray – both my heart and mind were racing and formulating thoughts at speeds I could not keep up with – so I headed to the shopping centre where I went to grab the coffee I was craving for, buy some socks I desperately needed, window shop like a baller and most importantly pray because it was necessary. After leaving the shopping centre I felt reassured. …

Faith: Every “job” is too big

In our waking up, our going out, our decision making, in our rest, In our work In our thinking In our speaking & not speaking In our seeing & not seeing In our hearing & not hearing In purchasing In our eating In our drinking In our tears In our laughter In the good times & the worst of times, in love & out of love In our debates & our agreements In our forgiveness & persuit of reconciliation In our reprimanding & being reprimanded In our comfort In our confusion… In it ALL. It is faith in Christ that gets every “job” done. For even to wake to a new day is not of my own strength (neither is hitting the snooze button), it’s God’s doing. Every action and lack of it, may appear small, but every “job” is too big for us to accomplish by our own strength. Faith in Christ makes all the difference in the lives we live. Signed @OlayideM SaveSave

Small Chops: Author

Small Chops: A Nigerian term for Canapés, Hors d’oeuvres and the like. Small Chops: Quick thoughts of mine. Four weeks ago I made a note of the following… Based on a recent event experienced and shared by my dad, and having read 8 novels in the past 3 weeks (by the time I post this it may increase to 9 or 10)*, I am understanding what is meant by “God is the author and finisher of our faith”. My understanding is this, [human] authors are always intentional with the details they include in their novels. Not one piece of information is listed “by accident”, every detail is purposeful in telling and completing the books they write. Details that keep us on edge, smiling, crying, aww-ing, screwing our faces at and more. How much more God, who is the author of our lives. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING can happen to any of us without His permission, without His knowing. As a conductor is familiar with every instrument and every note and is capable of leading …