dearEvents: Paul Carrick Brunson is BACK!

In 2011 a charismatic, confident Jamaican raised in America set foot in London for his first event in the UK. I didn’t know who he was and possibly didn’t know much about the event except that I was going to volunteer and would end up doing so with heels on and forget to pack some flats (I digress)…

PAUL CARRICK BRUNSON IS BACK in London town for ‘It’s Complicated Live’ with an amazing UK panel. Tagged as the real life ‘Hitch‘, Paul has been involved in major moves since his last time in the UK and when I say major I mean Oprah, TV, a book and a NAACP [Literary Work – Instructional] nomination (the event is is named after his book – you know he’s major).

‘It’s Complicated Live’ is being presented by online magazine Ivy Munro with Colourful Radio as the official media partner for the event.

As with 2011’s event (The Big Conversation) I expect Sunday’s event to be full of wisdom and laughter! (Check out Ivy Munro‘s home page for pictures)

Date: 03rd March 2013

Time: 5pm – 9pm followed by After Party 9:15pm – 12pm

Venue: The Anthologist Bar, 58 Gresham Street, London, EC2V 7BB

Tickets: via Eventbrite

As of Monday there were only 35 tickets left…


For more information check out

Twitter: @ivymunro; @PaulCBrunson

Hashtag: #PCBLondon

Facebook: Ivy Munro


Signed @OlayideM.

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