Life: The Birthday Wish List


Ask me what I want for my birthday and often times I’ll reply “I don’t know.” Well things are different this year, I know a few things I’d like for my birthday, hence this very rare wish list.

So, if you feel moved to gift me on my birthday or are one of the people to ask me what I want for my birthday, see below.

MasterClass: Malcolm Gladwell Teaches Writing

I’d like to develop and learn more about writing and the MasterClass website offers an array of online writing classes.

Gift Price: $90 (USD) for single class or $180 (USD) for all year access to all classes available. Gift Purchase Link

Amazon eGift Card & iTunes Voucher

Who doesn’t love a gift voucher?

Anyone interested in getting me an Amazon Gift Card or iTunes Gift Card should let me know so I can provide you with my email address.

Amazon Gift Voucher Page | iTunes Gift Voucher Page

ASOS Leather Purse

I’m in need of a new purse for my debt free journey (more info about this coming soon). Found this cute purse on ASOS! Gift Price: £15.00. Product Link

Added Bonus Gift: Share your favourite post from my blog with your friends & family.

Thank you in advance. That’ll be all. ✌🏾


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