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Faith: I Gave Maria My Gloves!

One cold November evening after work I stopped to speak to a homeless lady who usually sits close by my office, at this time our conversations are frequent. Some loose and not so loose change, some coffees, turkey sandwiches and a few chocolate chip muffins, have also been common givings during our frequent catch-up-sessions. However this particular November evening it was really cold and I had my pair of thick, woolly, creamed-coloured H&M gloves in my bag. I had every intention of putting on my very warm gloves, but never got round to actually taking them out of my bag by the time I caught up to Maria sitting at her spot. With our usual pleasantries exchanged and a brief (yet always the same) Q&A, I offered to buy Maria her usual coffee with one sugar and half & half. As I handed her the coffee I heard God say “give her your gloves.” I laughed Him off, “like yeah right”, and insisted that my body turned in the direction that led to home. I …

Faith: Fish & Chips

I find it amazing how God teaches us more about Him and the concept of ‘Just Believe‘ – (Mark 9: 23 -24 – NLT). Two weekends ago, I heard two messages, geared towards just believing and understanding that prayer, miracles, blessings, good times and bad times should always lead someone to the Father in all His glory. After hearing such powerful messages two days in row, I guess God wanted to remind of the message during the week.