Story: Peckham Rye ~ Platform 3

Train stories ~ Short fictional stories inspired by real train commuters and I've intentionally not given the characters names. If I see you, I just may turn you into a story.  Date: 29th December 2015 Pecks (no pun intended) and muscles at 90° poking out of his seemingly tight coat, but he didn't care - for … Continue reading Story: Peckham Rye ~ Platform 3

Faith: I Gave Maria My Gloves!

One cold November evening after work I stopped to speak to a homeless lady who usually sits close by my office, at this time our conversations are frequent. Some loose and not so loose change, some coffees, turkey sandwiches and a few chocolate chip muffins, have also been common givings during our frequent catch-up-sessions. However … Continue reading Faith: I Gave Maria My Gloves!