Faith: Fish & Chips

I find it amazing how God teaches us more about Him and the concept of ‘Just Believe‘ – (Mark 9: 23 -24 – NLT).

Just Believe - Anything is Possible
Just Believe – Anything is Possible

Two weekends ago, I heard two messages, geared towards just believing and understanding that prayer, miracles, blessings, good times and bad times should always lead someone to the Father in all His glory. After hearing such powerful messages two days in row, I guess God wanted to remind of the message during the week.

On the 16th January I sent out the tweets below because God had indeed reminded me to ‘Just Believe‘.

So on this day I hadn’t taken any lunch to work, so I thought to myself that I’ll ask my colleague to drive me down to the chip shop that do ‘fat’ chips the way I like them [the foodie in me]. Making my way to work, I stopped over at M&S thinking that I’ll get a salad. For ‘some reason’ nothing looked appealing so I left, but I heard ‘Just Believe‘. At this time I was still thinking yeah ‘I believe my colleague will do me this favour’.

Got to work, and my colleague wasn’t in! I kinda skipped out on reading the memo the day before detailing that my colleague was unwell. Now what?!? I GOTTA EAT MEHN!

So I moved on to the next plan, to ask the CEO and another manager if they didn’t mind me tagging along when they went out. I hoped to implement my plan after they finished a meeting, only to find out that they had indeed finished the meeting and left the office! Now what?!? I GOTTA EAT MEHN!

Moments later after hearing their voices, I made my way to their office to ask if they’ll be going out again. Upon entering what do I see….CHIPS! Not just any CHIPS but the kind I wanted!

A real Oliver Twist moment:

My line manager was kind enough to split a portion with me and on top of it, there was an extra ‘Chicken and Mushroom’ pie, which I was given! I left work full and satisfied!

I think what amazed me most was that I didn’t consciously ‘pray‘ about my lunch, I already had a plan, if anything I prayed that my colleague wouldn’t mind taking me out. I didn’t think the CEO and a manager would have gone instead. It amazed me because I hadn’t discussed my lunch preference with them, in fact they said it ‘was a spur of the moment thing’… I laughed in my head and grinned with my 32s thanking God, because it wasn’t a spur of the moment thing, it was orchestrated by the Master Planner – For MY sake.

Moral of the life event: If I can just believe concerning my meal, and receive exactly what I believed for and more, how much more can come forth as a result of just believing? It is also of value to understand, that yes we believe God for things, however when we do receive, thanksgiving and glory should always go back to Him. It would have been easy for me to forget to thank God for His provision and merit it all to ‘coincidence’.

  • He made sure I didn’t take lunch to work
  • He used my diversion into M&S as a reminder to ‘Just Believe’
  • He made sure I didn’t find the salad appealing
  • He ensured that I didn’t read the email the day before 
  • He gave me the idea to ask the CEO and Manager for a favour, but also made sure that I didn’t get the chance to ask
  • He blessed my Line Manager with a small appetite [LOL] so she’ll have reason to be generous
  • He made sure that extra food was bought – FOR MY SAKE.

Be encouraged, stay blessed and Just Believe no matter what.

Signed, @OlayideM – “Just believe, because He is God, not just for what you’ll receive.”

6 thoughts on “Faith: Fish & Chips

  1. Love this Layide! God indeed does over and above what we need or think we need, we just need to trust Him!!

  2. Thanks for sharing this. It is such an encouraging testimony to God’s detailed love and care.

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