Music: Everything Adekunle Touches is Gold

Release Date: 28 July 2016 | Record Label: YBNL

The last week of July Adekunle Gold released his especially anticipated album, aptly named ‘Gold’.

I remember sending a text to my friend, asking her to be my voice reason when it came to spending money on iTunes to buy this album (I just moved and every penny counted towards my days ahead so I held off on buying it then).

Fast forward weeks later, not only have I purchased the album, but I also let Adekunle Gold know that there was an imposter lurking on iTunes (some brave fellow put his album up with a voice over all over the songs).**

BUT since purchasing the album it has been on repeat.

I like this album because…

I tweeted what I liked most about the album and that was the element of storytelling. If you don’t already know I’m somewhat of a storyteller too (without the musical production) and for this reason I find the album extremely ‘easy’ to listen to and get lost in. His storytelling is very visual, I can imagine a video for every song from the playful song ‘Friend Zone’ to the encouraging message in ‘Work’. I almost want to know “what happened next” when I’m listening to ‘No Forget’ featuring Simi – “so did he make his money and marry bae or what?”

Oh and Simi mixed and mastered the whole album and was the only feature! She killed it! Most definitely a skilled and talented [technical] musician!


I wasn’t really feeling…

I made a joke to my voice-of-reason friend when coming up with legitimate reasons as to why waiting to buy the album was important for my bank account, and that was “I’ve probably heard the whole album anyway.” Seeing the track listing, I wasn’t particularly ‘pleased’ (and I use the term/phrase ever so lightly – light as a feather light) reason being that I had already purchased the songs that were released as singles. ‘Sade’, ‘Pick Up’, ‘Ready’, and ‘Orente’. I fully understand that artists must whet the appetites of their listeners,  but  I wished that he had more ‘new’ songs on the album to balance out the familiarity of the already released tracks. Personally I think he should release a deluxe version of the album with an additional three songs (at least).

Also, I have this thing with the song ‘Pick Up’ – I like the song. I’ve seen how people get up, dance and sing along when it’s played (and the story of how the song came about is absolutely ideal for writing such a song)…. but I guess the view that God should bless one with material things, make one wealthy and well known in this life, doesn’t sit all too well with me. Yes, God blesses and He will bless, but the basis on which the song appears to me, is that God should bless, in order to out-do/be better than another. My understanding is that God blesses and favours people for His glory, not so we can appear better than another (because He can also take it away). I would have especially loved if the song spoke of blessings being found in the seemingly small things…ALTHOUGH the video touched on that theme small-small.

Favourite song

‘Paradise’ makes me want to cry. It’s such an emotive song. The production on this track is just 100! The strumming of the guitar… YASSS!

It’s a typical Nigerian love song, in the sense that Nigerians are bold and daring with their proclamations of love…don’t believe me? Watch a Nollywood romance movie…and I think the song being sung in Yoruba and Pidgin is so correct! If it had been sung in English all the way through, a lot of meaning would have been lost.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Africans love singing about love – and they do it very well!

Final Verdict


My ears are pleased! It was worth the money…and I’m ready to buy more!

Adekunle Gold’s sound is what I’ve been waiting for, for a while. I like my Afrobeats (of course) but this style of Folk and Pop made for the Alternative-Afro loving listener like me, seems to make sense.

Adekunle Gold and his team have done well with this production – he is definitely owning this genre. I’d like to see if he comes out with any remixes with other ‘Alternative’/Folk African artists (that would be fun – I have a few suggestions sha).

This album lives up to its name: ‘Gold’.

Track Listing

Gold (Intro) |Explains the name

My Life | Basically mind yo’ business

Beautiful Night | This song reminds me of another Nigerian group Beautiful Nubia & the Roots Renaissance Band

Orente | Means ‘Beautiful’

Nurse Alabere | The Nurse who gives Injections… see what I’m saying about Yoruba vs. English meaning lost. It’s the heartbreak song on the album.

Friend Zone | Self-explantory LOL “ma lo friend zone mi…”. Legit theme song for those scorned by this zone. LOL

PARADISE | My favourite

No Forget ft. Simi| When love has come so far… “don’t forget”

Pick Up | “I don go wedding tiya…” and everyone on the wedding dance floor pauses for the beat to come back again.

Work | Hard work pays – don’t be wanting to be something if you can’t work for it. “No food for lazy man”


Ariwo Ko | Just because you make noise it doesn’t make you credible….video below

Fight For You | Love should never cause pain

Ready | He is looking for a wife yo! He is single and searching!

Sweet Me | Girl can dance! Flavour should get on the remix for this song!!!

Sade | The song that introduced me to Adekunle Gold… everyday toasting one babe! Mate! LOL

Signed @OlayideM

**I stay loyal to great music

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