Faith: Every “job” is too big

In our waking up, our going out, our decision making, in our rest,

In our work

In our thinking

In our speaking & not speaking

In our seeing & not seeing

In our hearing & not hearing

In purchasing

In our eating

In our drinking

In our tears

In our laughter

In the good times & the worst of times, in love & out of love

In our debates & our agreements

In our forgiveness & persuit of reconciliation

In our reprimanding & being reprimanded

In our comfort

In our confusion…

In it ALL.

It is faith in Christ that gets every “job” done. For even to wake to a new day is not of my own strength (neither is hitting the snooze button), it’s God’s doing. Every action and lack of it, may appear small, but every “job” is too big for us to accomplish by our own strength.

Faith in Christ makes all the difference in the lives we live.

Signed @OlayideM


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