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Music: Five Vibes Vol. 2

It’s Gospel

(I’m trying to be consistent with the music posts, so here it goes).

So, these songs are all Gospel songs that I stumbled across, and to be honest I’m still listening to, only having discovered a few not to long ago and some I’ve been rocking via YouTube for a while.

I’ve listed these songs in no particular order.

1. Tim Godfrey & Lagos Community Gospel Choir ~ Medley

I’ve started the video for you when the music actually starts because Tim Godfrey likes to shout. 🙄😐 My favourite part starts at 13:53… how I wish it went on longer just on this song.

Twitter: @TimGodfreyWorld | iTunes | Spotify

Unfortunately Lagos Community Gospel Choir aren’t that active on social media (they’re on Facebook) and I can’t seem to find their music on iTunes etc. If they do release anything I’ll update this post with their info.

2. Tosin Martins & Lagos Community Gospel Choir ~ Medley

“Give Jesus a shout. Somebody RACE beyond your PLACE and PRESS beyond your PRESTIGE and give God praise tonight…” (First time I heard this I laughed, HARD… after all Joy is found in God’s presence). Nigerians are lyrical masters.

Twitter: @iamtosinmartins | iTunes | Spotify

3. Travis Greene ~ You Waited

Thank You Jesus. 🙌🏾

Twitter: @TravisGreeneTV | iTunes | Spotify

4. Darrel Walls* ~ You Are My Strength

*1/4 of The Walls Group.

Sometimes we just need a reminder of who He is.

Twitter: @MusiqCityWalls | iTunes | Spotify | SoundCloud

5. Deon Kipping ~ By Myself

🎶Can’t Make It Without You, Oh God🎶

Twitter: @ThatDudeDeon | iTunes | Spotify

Added Bonus because I can’t get enough of African Praise & Worship.

African’s like singing all the songs at once and for at least 20 minutes at a time.

Kefee** ~ Praise Medley


I hope you’ve enjoyed what you’ve watched/heard? Got any songs you can recommend for my playlist, then drop a comment.

Don’t forget to support these artists via social media, by streaming their music and buying their music.

Signed, @OlayideM (singing along…)



















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