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Music: Five Vibes Vol. 2

It’s Gospel (I’m trying to be consistent with the music posts, so here it goes). So, these songs are all Gospel songs that I stumbled across, and to be honest I’m still listening to, only having discovered a few not to long ago and some I’ve been rocking via YouTube for a while. I’ve listed these songs in no particular order. 1. Tim Godfrey & Lagos Community Gospel Choir ~ Medley I’ve started the video for you when the music actually starts because Tim Godfrey likes to shout. 🙄😐 My favourite part starts at 13:53… how I wish it went on longer just on this song. Twitter: @TimGodfreyWorld | iTunes | Spotify Unfortunately Lagos Community Gospel Choir aren’t that active on social media (they’re on Facebook) and I can’t seem to find their music on iTunes etc. If they do release anything I’ll update this post with their info. 2. Tosin Martins & Lagos Community Gospel Choir ~ Medley “Give Jesus a shout. Somebody RACE beyond your PLACE and PRESS beyond your PRESTIGE and give God praise tonight…” …

Events: UGCY 2013 – Choir Registration Deadline!

Some of you may know that I volunteer with a few organisations events related one of them is UGCY! UGCY will be holding it’s annual University Choir Competition this Summer and the registration deadline is just around the corner! If you’re in a choir at university or know people who are and have a fun competitive spirit why not register your choir today! Deadline: 28th February 2013 Never heard of UGCY? Well check out the UGCY website for more info about who we are and our cause! It’s bigger than music that’s for sure! #BiggerAndBetter Past Events UGCY Uplifts London UGCY 2012 UGCY 2011 Signed @OlayideM