Small Chops: The Text Message

Small Chops: A Nigerian term for Canapés, Hors d’oeuvres and the like.

Small Chops: Quick thoughts of mine.

A few weeks ago…that time I sent a text message about marriage…

Just had a thought – marriage is more God’s doing and planning than it is ours.

God has total control of our lives and we live to please him, our lives at the end of the day fulfil his promises, plans and purposes (that’s if we make him no. 1). How much more marriage?

I think we forget that even the relationships we have (on all levels) are supposed to reflect Christ, and when we get caught up in the marriage hype, our prayers and desires for marriage become misaligned.

In other words, why do we desire it? Our first answer should be “to demonstrate and minister the love of Christ to others and to each other (oko t’iyawo).”

I read this commentary this morning: “As you go about your daily tasks, God is working in your life in ways you may not even notice. We must not close the door on what God can do. Events do not occur by luck or coincidence. We should have faith that God is directing our lives for his purpose.”

We should have faith that God is directing our lives for his purpose.” Including our desires for marriage, a social life, good pay, travelling etc. etc.

If we desire things that we have no intention of involving God in or we don’t think to involve him in, then we need to consider the source of our desires. If it’s not about God then we need to let it go.

Marriage, social life, travelling, money etc. are all great gifts but we should never consider them without including, remembering and honouring the Giver of these Gifts. (It’s so easy to get caught up in the Bella Naija hype).

Signed @OlayideM.

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