Life: Don’t Pity Me Because I’m Single – Vlogs & Songs

So last week I wrote about my singleness and how I feel about it, you can read it here. In light of that, here are two videos from young Christians talking about singleness and marriage, both from different Biblical perspectives.

Ladies First: @Omoba_Debs | xSoulBeautyx on YouTube

“I’m so in love with God in my state of singleness. I don’t see it as a curse anymore…”

@whatisjoedoing from @chaseGodTV on YouTube

“Your desire to be married is not an ungodly desire…but at the same time we can’t let this desire consume us and dominate us…”

Also, enjoy this song from Falz (The Bahd Guy), with the helps of Yemi Alade and Poe, he talks about how eager women are to get married due to age, pressure from family, and seeing friends (and enemies) get married whilst they are [still] single (basically). If you understand the song I’m sure you’ll enjoy the funny punch lines but also appreciate the truth of the matter.

“Don’t get it twisted, it’s not like I’m desperate/ I just have a life plan and it’s getting late/ I want to be a Mrs. by the time I’m 28…” ~ Falz, (retelling what a girl told him)

“…But what is depressing is the older they [are] getting/ Whenever they meet a man they’re already planning out the wedding…” ~ Poe

 “…Why you de do me so/ All of my friends they done marry go/ Right now my brother I’m 28/ All of the boys no de come my gate…” ~ Yemi Alade

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Signed @OlayideM.

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