Music: What I’ve Been Listening To

Tori Kelly When I started this blog I expressed how much I enjoy music and realised I haven’t kept up to date with my music updates. So here it is! I’ve listed a few things that I’ve been listening to since starting my blog! Should you want to know more about my musical interests I’m also on SoundCloud so follow me there as I follow and listen to other people [I’m not a musician] and find me on Tumblr where I post a lot more music! When it comes to music I have a 5 second beat & vocal rule – if I’m not feeling the song within that time, I may fast-forward the clip to hear more – if I believe there’s hope of me liking the song accompanied by a little YouTube research, most likely I will buy it. Do you have a rule for buying music? Let me know on Twitter @OlayideM #MyMusicRule.


WLAKAlbum: W.L.A.K – We Live As Kings

Artists: Alex Faith, Dre Murray, Christon Gray & Swoope (Collision Records)

Release Year: 2013

Twitter: Alex Faith: @Alexfaithatl Dre Murray: @Dremurray22 Christon Gray: @ChristonGray Swoope: @MrSwoope Wit (Producer): @IQwitMusic Collision Records: @Collisionrecs

I was super excited when this album was released! Instagram was buzzing with screen shots of the very intriguing album cover. I’ve been a fan of the Collision dudes having downloaded a few of their free material (which you can find on their website) and especially following on from Swoope’s “Wake Up” album and discovering Christon Gray’s work on iTunes. If you don’t know about these guys get to know right now! Each of them are amazing talents and they have indiviual work availble on iTunes and the record label’s website!

Long Way Down ft. Christon Gray & Dre Murray


Being of Nigerian descent it’s almost inevitable that I hold a special place in my heart for AfroBeats or music by Africans. One of my favourite artists, Blackmagic (@ejayblackmagic), does it for me [yes the name is suspect, but I guess he is black and makes magic with his music…]. He has this laid back vibe about his music that I really like and he sounds very different from a lot of Nigerian/African artists I’ve heard. Check out his videos below!

Confam ft Sasha P (@SashaPOfficial)



Tori Kelly

Tori Kelly - Handmade Songs By Tori Kelly

EP: Handmade Songs By Tori Kelly

Release Year: 2012

Twitter: @ToriKelly

I hadn’t really heard about this young lady but kept seeing her really cool EP cover on Instagram so after screen grabbing a picture of the cover I checked her out and liked what I heard. She has a really sweet effortless voice and I found out that she recorded all the songs in her bedroom! :O

I really like her sound and I’m excited to see what she put’s out. I know she had a sold out show in London this past weekend, so she must be doing something right!

Suit & Tie [Justin Timberlake ft. Jay Z Cover]

I have much more music to talk about but I thought I’d start off small, because you’ll be reading and watching for a long time. BUT check out my Tumblr because “I be posting music/videos/pictures for the world on there!”

Signed, @OlayideM

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