Life: Psalm 139

Psalm 139: 13-16: “…Like an open book you watched me grow from conception to birth all the stages of my life were spread before you, The days of my life all prepared before I even lived one day…” [The Message]

This ideally should have been posted on the 19th August 2013, but no Internet access and living arrangements didn’t permit me to…so here it goes.

19th August 2013:

Having been in America for a week, I was anxious about meeting other Mountbatten students, although I was also very excited by it all, I still had no idea what to expect. Even though I’ve prayed and continue to pray about my time in America, I can’t help but to wonder about it all, then I’m reassured that indeed God has it all figured out.

Making my way from New Jersey to New York was an experience, with my eyes wide open I took in the scenery around me. My ears were also open as wide as my eyes to the advice being given by my aunt and her husband. In a short space of time I concluded, New York is loud, both visually and audibly (even on a Sunday) – for a while I felt I was back in Lagos.

We found the Hotel Walcott on 4 West 31st Street between 5th and 6th Avenue. I was happily met and greeted by Mountbatten’s chief of staff, and a member of staff from the London office, who had been helping us while we were in London. From the moment I stepped into the hotel it felt like I was having to process a lot of information in such a short time, but I knew I would be fine. It was an interesting encounter, being that my aunt escorted me into the hotel in full Naija baby blue iro ati buba [traditional style worn to special occasions click here* for picture] with her gold gele intact – she was off to a church function in the Bronx. The staff members I had been greeted by were fascinated by it all, I was fascinated by their fascination!

My aunt gave me a hug and we said our goodbyes for the week, before saying I should text her while her fingers betrayed her by imitating one typing on a computer – she really meant to say e-mail me (I have no fully functioning phone this is where you applaud EE/T-mobile).

New York from Newport, NJ
New York from Newport, NJ

I was introduced to the other “early” Mountbattens, Jennifer from Dublin, Ben from Oxford and Rish from Ealing. We exchanged our statistics and other “useful-at-the-time” information. We sat in the lobby for a while as our rooms were being prepared, so it was nice being able to talk to other people as more Mountbattens arrived.

Once everyone was pretty much sorted and had received their room key, we all headed out to get something to eat and ended up at Chipotle, which wasn’t too bad, but confused as to how I spent $10.75 on a bowl meal (a wrap without bread) and no drink.

~ I’m really trusting God with and for my finances out here – including my eating habits – because having no money is too easy as with putting on weight. ~

It was once we had finished eating, when I decided I needed a bottle of water, it’s possible that I wasn’t heard when I made the proclamation, because I ended up being left in Chipotle by myself! I couldn’t find the people I had come out with for dinner – this was my first day in New York City how is this possible? – I later found out that they were waiting for me outside and turned right, when I turned left to make my way back to the hotel (turning left was the wise thing to do since it was the way we came). I have photographic memory so I made it back safely, making my way back confidently in God’s promise and in the knowledge that he’ll get me back to the hotel just fine!

It reminded me of a similar incident that happened to me during my first year of uni…yeah, I was left behind, while waiting for my flatmates. I turn my head for two seconds and they had disappeared. I still managed to get back to halls before them. Hmmmmm….

Back to the topic – it was a quiet night where I killed a cockroach in the bathroom, read some course notes, watched 16 & Pregnant back to back, watched the film Love & Basketball, did my nails and debated on whether to write this post or not.

So now I sit here desiring WiFi and a room-mate [I have the room to myself], while listening to Abimaro & The Free and missing the family!

Orientation starts tomorrow and work will start this week – I’m looking forward to it all. I need to invest in a new notebook and more water, plus other things; but hey – One Day At A Time.

Signed @OlayideM

* Iro ati Buba link from 

4 thoughts on “Life: Psalm 139

  1. Olaide..I beg don’t let me roll off my bed with ur experence in NY! LOL remember u did it in norway, I know b4 d end of sept u will know ur way around! U shld know by now dat ur aty is a proper show off woman LOL ….just remember dat “the Lord is ur shepard” He’ll always be with u! Thru out ur stay in NY…missing u a lot! Especially ur sisters…trust me NY is not as expensive as norway. I better go to bed…

  2. Layide! It’s been an absolute age! Lol would you believe I’ve only just figured out how to comment on your posts looool? Your meanderings sound really interesting, and I’m happy to hear you’re having a good time! Oh my gosh have you got long left in America? Wishing you all the best hon! Xxx

    1. Hey Seyi! Thank You!!!

      It has been a while!! LOL my meanderings have been fun indeed! I have just about 3 months left, shocking, but I’m looking forward to coming back. My aim is to make the most of my last months…something tells me it’ll be an amazing summer!

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