Creative: Pinterest Worthy Jewellery Storage Ideas

A few weeks ago I decided to sort out some of my old jewellery, donating some and keeping some. In order to get my jewellery looking more organised I embarked on my very first DIY project. Read on to see how I used cup hooks from B&Q to organise my jewellery on my bookshelf [nails & hammer not required]. 😀

Step 1: Buy cup hooks. My dad bought these for me from B&Q but I’m sure you can find them at craft stores and other stores selling homeware/hardware goods.


Step 2: Align where you want to screw your hooks. In my case I just estimated, but if you want to be more precise then use a pencil and ruler to measure how far apart you want your hooks to be. I was going for a more ‘staggered’ look [so she says].

Step 3: With the hook’s screw facing upwards towards the base, push the screw into the base where you’ve marked and twist in the hook clockwise.


Step 4: Complete step three until you’re satisfied with the number of hooks you’ve placed or need. If you’re unhappy with the placement of the hook(s) unscrew the hook(s) anti-clockwise to remove from the base.

Step 5: Place your Jewellery on your hooks accordingly.


Really Useful BoxesI also use these little pots to store some jewellery. I got them from work as a free gift from a stationery order, but I know other craft stores sell them:

Hobby Craft – Pack of 30

Ryman – Pack of 5

Like what you see? Or you have other storage ideas? Let me know leave a comment below. If you’re on Pinterest also let me know so I can follow you. 🙂

Signed, @OlayideM

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