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Events: The Seed Film Premier | This Bank Holiday Monday

So as the bank holiday approaches (I have a 4-day weekend *grins*) I’ll be heading to see “The Seed” on Monday 4th May! I saw the trailer a while back and I was amazed to see familiar faces and the fact that the film was written, produced, directed and filmed by ‘young people’ was truly impressive. I’m looking forward to seeing this on Monday and I hope you’ll be able to come out and support the efforts of some amazingly brave and talented young people! Signed @OlayideM About the film: The Seed is a film inspired by the story of the parable of the Sower. The Seed focuses on the lifestyle of four characters, each experiencing life issues. The Seed illustrates to us the key to overcoming challenges in the journey of life. The will to survive is in every human – we all have ‘divine capacity’ to overcome challenges and obstacles in life. When you want to triumph, all the tools you need are within You! Directed by: Debbie ‘Olamide’ Shobo, Samuel Noah, Tolu …

Creative: Pinterest Worthy Jewellery Storage Ideas

A few weeks ago I decided to sort out some of my old jewellery, donating some and keeping some. In order to get my jewellery looking more organised I embarked on my very first DIY project. Read on to see how I used cup hooks from B&Q to organise my jewellery on my bookshelf [nails & hammer not required]. 😀 Step 1: Buy cup hooks. My dad bought these for me from B&Q but I’m sure you can find them at craft stores and other stores selling homeware/hardware goods.