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Music: The Vibe According To… Afro-Beats

This time last week Ice Prince made a fan out of me because of his verse on Di’ja‘s ‘Yaro Remix’ and in the same week he was close to losing me as a fan after he released ‘N-word Remix’ featuring AKA ~ let me just *side-eye* the song and the video. If it isn’t apparent already, I hold a soft spot for the genre of music otherwise known as AfroBeats. From old skool *Styl-Plus and their ‘Olufunmi’ saga and 2Face‘s ‘African Queen’ classic that had my 16 year-old self ask my friend to “bluetooth” the song to me; or the Christmas my aunt and I SCREAMED Lagbaja‘s ‘Never Far Away’ to each other in attempts to recreate the melodious duet (we failed). Today we appreciate Asa‘s Yoruba one-liner in her song ‘Be My Man’ while we connect iPhones to car stereos nodding our heads to the likes of Burna Boy‘s “island-influenced” flow. I have also suddenly found myself caught in the Wizkid fan-trap (still trying to understand how I got here ~ darn that ‘Pakurumo’ song) and oh there’s dimpled-faced Davido with …

Music: What I’ve Been Listening To

When I started this blog I expressed how much I enjoy music and realised I haven’t kept up to date with my music updates. So here it is! I’ve listed a few things that I’ve been listening to since starting my blog! Should you want to know more about my musical interests I’m also on SoundCloud so follow me there as I follow and listen to other people [I’m not a musician] and find me on Tumblr where I post a lot more music! When it comes to music I have a 5 second beat & vocal rule – if I’m not feeling the song within that time, I may fast-forward the clip to hear more – if I believe there’s hope of me liking the song accompanied by a little YouTube research, most likely I will buy it. Do you have a rule for buying music? Let me know on Twitter @OlayideM #MyMusicRule. W.L.A.K Album: W.L.A.K – We Live As Kings Artists: Alex Faith, Dre Murray, Christon Gray & Swoope (Collision Records) Release Year: …

Events: UGCY 2013 – Choir Registration Deadline!

Some of you may know that I volunteer with a few organisations events related one of them is UGCY! UGCY will be holding it’s annual University Choir Competition this Summer and the registration deadline is just around the corner! If you’re in a choir at university or know people who are and have a fun competitive spirit why not register your choir today! Deadline: 28th February 2013 Never heard of UGCY? Well check out the UGCY website for more info about who we are and our cause! It’s bigger than music that’s for sure! #BiggerAndBetter Past Events UGCY Uplifts London UGCY 2012 UGCY 2011 Signed @OlayideM

Events: Unsigned Live

So it’s been a more than a week since I posted anything and it dawned on me that I’ll be out and about this weekend! Check out my first [official] What, Where, When post! Unsigned Live with Loretta Andrews Date: Sunday 24th February 2013 Time: 7pm – 9pm Venue: The Bedford Pub, 77 Bedford Hill, Balham, SW12 9HD Admission: FREE I’ve been to a few Unsigned events when it was known as Sunday Night Live and have seen the likes of  Juliyaa, Faith Child, Jules Rendell, Charley Pinfold and others! I’ll be going again this Sunday with a few friends to see Daughters of Davis, Shan Smiles & drummer Dan Bilbrough perform.

Music: Allen Stone

About April last year my best friend and I were on our way to the Jazz Cafe to watch Allen Stone perform. My friend didn’t know much about him, so she was a bit apprehensive about it all and warned me that he better be good! Well let’s just say we screamed like little girls, giggled and woo’d all night [she did most of the noise making]. Thanks to YouTube, you can also enjoy what we did that night. Allen Stone performing ‘Unaware’ Allen Stone performing ‘Is This Love’ [Bob Marley cover] Check out his website for more news/music from him. You can also find him on Twitter, Facebook & YouTube. Signed, @OlayideM.