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Small Chops: When Life is Foggy

Small Chops: A Nigerian term for Canapés, Hors d’oeuvres and the like.

Small Chops: Quick thoughts of mine

This picture was taken early January in Dubai.

People are often under the impression that Dubai is 24/7 Sun, Sea and Sand, which most times of the year it is, but it rains*, it gets cold (from 40º+  heat to 16º in “winter” so yes it gets cold), the fog is impossible to see through and the sandstorms are things only meant for Disney Films (sand in your hair after wash day is the worst).

As with Life.

Life may be and even continue to be a Sun, Sea and Sand picturesque moment, but sometimes fog and rain will appear in places you least expected (literally).

Looking at this picture, and not knowing the many floors located in the building, it’ll be easy to assume that only the floors in this picture are all the floors in the building. This building has 33 floors (I work on the 31st), in the fog you can just about make out that the building is tall. The fog clouds and covers the full height of this building.

As with Life.

The foggy, rainy and cold seasons of our lives often cloud our vision of what is true. That truth is, the fog eventually cleared. The rain eventually stopped. It no longer felt cold.

As with Life.

SEASONS HAVE CHANGED since this picture was taken (right now it’s 37º in Dubai at 09:55pm…). Let that sink in.

The fog cleared.

Now you can see the top, the top you always knew existed.

Remember not to let the fog deter you from doing what’s necessary. It was necessary for me to get into the office the day I took this picture. Despite the fog, I still knew where I was heading to (my desk 🤔), I still knew my destination (my desk 🤔), and I knew that once the day was done, the fog would be a thing a of the past (and I wouldn’t be at my desk 😌).

*Without the rain, the soil cannot grow crops. Each season is necessary for growth. Grow well and may your harvest of necessary lessons and faithful-strength be full, robust and full of life. Life to give and share with others. Is that not what crops are for?

Signed, @OlayideM











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