Faith: Church, Brunch & the Blind Man Part 1

HI! I’m back with another #TBT (#ThrowbackThursday) edition…no not because it was intentional, but because I’ve been ever so lazy with my blog (amongst many other things), and it seemed ok that this post could be considered as a throwback…I mean the events mentioned in this post took place almost 8 WEEKS AGO! (*side eye*)… so here it goes!

Sunday 15th September 2013:

CCFNYCWith every intention of getting to church on time, I got to church late – shame! But Sunday 15th September 2013 was a God-designed day – as with every day, but this day I acknowledged His brilliance!

I went to Christ Crucified Fellowship for the first time, taking the A Train [which seemed like the longest train journey ever!] and almost an hour late I contemplated getting off the train and heading back home! Life Thought: Isn’t it interesting that a place seems far when you’ve never been there or have no idea where it is you’re going and then all of a sudden doubt settles in? I was glad that I stayed on the train and “endured” the glare of the A Train’s dim lighting reflecting on the oh-so 70’s orange and amberish “concrete” seats! Dear TFL (Transport For London) I will not complain again! I promise…LOL!

I estimated that I’ll get to church at 1pm – which I did, as I approached the doors to the church I was still thinking about turning back to go home [I was already at my destination though?!?!]…But I heard clearly “You’re here already, you might as well go in…”

To enter into service during the message was just a side-eye moment! Thankfully nobody actually turned around when I entered. I perked my petite self in a seat at the back and got into the message. I didn’t get the preacher’s name, but I gathered he was a guest speaker and was also a Jew. He spoke about the Jewish nation and how as Christians we should be able to share and demonstrate the love of Christ towards them and how surprised we’ll be to learn that many Jews do not know the Old Testament as much as we do.

Overall the atmosphere was cool, it was a small enough gathering for me to feel that I was back home attending fellowship (although CCF is larger in number – and no after fellowship banter because I didn’t know anyone at the time).


After listening to announcements, filling out a visitors card with pens that refused to work on glossy paper and forgetting my American address – I happily wrote “England” somewhere on the card (so cheeky!) – I headed out, making my way to the station believing that the same station exit I came out from would be the same I’d use to get back into station, apparently I thought like a British person. After misplacing myself from one end of the street to the other trying to figure how to get into the subway – not get to the Subway, I was already there – but to get into the Subway, I ended up having to ask a Policeman, who explained the illogical logic behind the NY Subway’s exit and entrance system. I understood what he said, not before he questioned my origin “You from England right?” he said, looking perplexed. I answered saying “yes”, thanked him and kept it moving because it was just too hot for all these questions and misplacement!

This post clearly was designed to be some sort of novel, so look out for “Part Deux” this weekend!

Signed @OlayideM.



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