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Small Chops: Learn How To Make Chin-Chin

Small Chops: A Nigerian term for Canapés, Hors d’oeuvres and the like. Small Chops: Quick thoughts of mine One thing I’m learning is that if I crave something I must learn how to make it before I buy it. My Grandma used to send me the £5.99 bucket of #ChinChin, she doesn’t need to anymore. Learning doesn’t stop after school, it must be continued. It’s how we become better, like my chin-chin making skills. We must challenge ourselves daily, but we mustn’t exhaust ourselves either. Prioritise Enjoyment Balance Take Your Time Work Hard Rest AMAZINGLY Well #LearningIsFun #HomeMade #MyColleaguesAreHooked#YourLocalChinChinDealer #IssaSnack (no really it’s a snack #ChinChin 🇳🇬) Signed, @OlayideM Advertisements

Food: Nigerian Food with a Twist! Yam Chips!

I like and enjoy cooking and I find myself making all sorts, influenced by parents and the Food Network. On occasions I may take a picture of what it is I’ve made because it tastes that good! *cheeky grin* So here it goes – my first food blog post! Yay me! *Please note that I haven’t taken any pictures of the prep stuff, because I don’t always cook with the intention of posting it on here. Ingredients 2 to 3 medium slices of boiled Yam – sliced like “chips” [fries] Salmon Trimmings Handful of washed baby spinach Washed diced or sliced Sweet peppers [1/2 of green, 1/2 of yellow and 1/2 of red] Vegetable/Sunflower/Olive oil – 2/3 of a deep pan for a deep fry [deep fryer suitable] Seasoning: Sea Salt, Dried mixed herbs Optional: dried chilli/scotch bonnet powder, onions and ketchup Beverage of choice [mine is usually juice or redbush tea with almond milk] Preparing the Yam For this dish I prefer to use boiled yam from the day before [or freshly boiled yam that …