Story: Centre Stage – SIDE B

Thank you to Christabel (@BreakingMadTeam & @Bye_Wig), Ayobola Deborah (@ayoboladeborah) & Aunty Yemi!

This story is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places, incidents and dialogues are a figment of my imagination – most definitely inspired by God, and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, organisations, persons living or dead, is entirely coincidental. 

About Centre Stage: Sharon Starr, Nigeria’s biggest AfroPop sensation has gone missing just before the start of her international tour. A few days have quickly turned to months and nobody knows where she is, including her husband-manager, NJ The Producer.

We find out more about the couple and their journey through the eyes and ears of Doctor Wole, their therapist. It’s an emotional journey that explores the impact of upbringing, perceptions, and beliefs and very importantly, if reconciliation can exist when trauma has been experienced. Read Side A HERE

Track 6: Make The News II – Skit feat. VJ Lara

“It’s your favourite girl, VJ Lara and boy has it been an eventful day in the world of African entertainment?! Our top news tonight is the re-emergence of Pop sensation, Sharon Starr after three months of being declared missing by her husband, NJ The Producer! A fan posted a video clip on Instagram showing Sharon leaving Murtala Muhammed International Airport this morning. NJ has not released an official statement about his wife, but as always fans have had much to say especially about her new weight gain, hairstyle and overall appearance. One thing that also has everyone talking is the fact that she did not have her infamous show-stopping wedding ring on. On the Beat Music TV is happy to see that Sharon is ok and in seemingly good health. Hopefully we’ll get time to sit down with the artist to find out where she’s been these past three months. We’ll keep you posted when that happens.”

With tears in her eyes Sharon switched off the TV in her bedroom and fell back on the bed. She had no words and sighed deeply.

Track 7: Without You

“NJ, let me ask you, what do you want?”

“I want Sharon back. That’s all. There’s a family meeting this week, I’ll tell her it’s time she came home. I’ll apologise first of course, then I’ll tell her to come home.”


“Semilore let me ask you. What do you want?”

“I need peace and safety, and I won’t be able to experience either with NJ as my husband. There’s a family meeting this week. I’ll tell them my intentions because I can’t be Mrs. Daniels anymore and I can’t be Sharon Starr ever again.”


If NJ had his way, his mother would not have been allowed to attend this meeting, but for the sake of putting up a united front, she had to be there.

The air in the small conference room at the five-star Paradise Hotel, was thick and tense despite the AC being on full blast. Both sets of parents sat silently, each mother staring the other down, while each father seemed sad to be in this position. NJ sat swinging in his seat and checking his watch, Sharon was late and even though nobody voiced it, they all assumed the same thing.

Moments later Sharon entered the room with her brother, Pastor OH of On Mission Youth Church. NJ tried to make eye contact with Sharon but she avoided his eyes. This would be the second time NJ was seeing his wife since she arrived in Lagos, the first time was when he showed up to her parent’s house unannounced. It had been a few days after her arrival and he had come shouting and demanding to see her, she had peeped through the window of her room, when he caught a glimpse of her and she quickly closed the curtains. He missed his wife; he needed her and wanted her to come back home. Trailing behind them was an unknown woman dressed in a suit. “On a Saturday morning?” NJ thought, “the only people who dress like this on a Saturday are Jehovah Witnesses, Business People and Lawyers.”

Sharon greeted her parents and knelt in greeting to her father in law but offered a nod to her mother in law who turned her nose up in response. As for NJ she did not pay him any mind, she had to stay focused because for too long NJ had been her distraction.

The woman in the suit introduced herself, “my name Chika Obi, and I’m a family and divorce lawyer from Cornerstone Law Firm. I’ve been asked to attend this meeting by my client….” She was so poised and professional as she spoke only to be rudely interrupted.

“And who here is getting a divorce? So Sharon this is how you’ve allowed my enemies to use you?” Thankfully the meeting room was soundproof so only the people in the room heard and saw Claudia display her Nollywood worthy “madness” as she pointed her manicured fingers at Sharon.

“Claudia! Will you calm down and be quiet! Must you make a scene all the time?” NJ Senior was in Pastor mode this afternoon and with a stern voice he warned his wife. She kept quiet, but he knew she was brewing and that she would give him a piece of her mind when they got in the car.

Chika gave NJ Senior a look of familiarity as if there was something to tell. Claudia’s eyebrows rose at the exchange, “Do they know each other?” she thought.

“I’m the one that asked Chika to come.” NJ Senior blurted, “She’s the daughter of a good lawyer friend of mine who I grew up with. This isn’t just any ordinary family meeting, this is mediation and I believe it’s necessary considering the magnitude of the events that have taken place. All I wish is for all of us to leave here with some sort of resolution.” He ended his speech as if his word and decision was final. Nobody disputed him, not even Claudia. There was something different about Pastor NJ today, there was something brave about him.

“Thank you sir. I’ll explain what we’re doing today. First we’ll hear from both of you regarding the current status of your marriage and your plans. The aim is to come to a reasonable resolution whether both of you choose to stay together or not. I know you’ve both attended therapy sessions individually with Dr. Wole Ayotunde – as initiated by Pastor NJ. I have spoken to Dr. Wole and he has given me his professional opinion regarding both of you, which I’ll share towards the end. Before we go any further I think it’ll be appropriate that we start today’s meeting with a prayer.” Chika did not wait for a response before she started praying neither did she ask any of the pastors in the room to pray, her call to prayer was an instruction, which everyone followed. “Dear Father, The God who sees and knows all hearts. The First before all else…. in Jesus Name we have prayed. Amen.”

Sharon’s “Amen” was slightly delayed because she had lost focus during the prayer when Chika had referred to God as “The First”. She had not disclosed her dreams to anyone, so hearing Chika call God that way served as some sort of confirmation that God was with her.

Chika allowed NJ Junior to speak first asking him questions about his marriage to Sharon and what he wanted moving forward. He shed a few tears when he insisted that he was a changed man and that he wanted his “Sharon” back. Sharon had never seen him cry before, maybe he had changed, but then she had a flashback to one of her dreams where NJ had been crying after her and she was told to keep running. “He hasn’t changed?” She wondered.

All the time NJ was stating his case, Sharon never looked at him, except when she heard him crying. So when it was Sharon’s turn to speak, NJ was taken aback when she looked him straight in the eye with so much confidence. NJ wanted to look away; he was feeling ashamed all of a sudden.

“NJ. Look at me.” She demanded with coldness in her voice that sent shivers down his spine. He looked at her and maintained eye contact with her as she had instructed.

“NJ, I loved you and crazily enough I think I still do despite everything you have put me through. Firstly, thank you for the platform you gave me career wise. If I should thank you for anything, it’ll be that, for now. Other than my career, you did nothing but take away from me. You took my time, my peace, my joy, my strength, my gifts, my inner-beauty and my outer-beauty. Three times, three times you took a child from me.” She paused to swallow her tears and placed her hand on her stomach when she heard her mum gasp. NJ’s eyes followed her hand, was that a bump he saw?

Her pause was too short for him to make sense of what he thought he saw.

“You took God away from me too. You became my god. You gave me the appearance of a good life but you didn’t give me a good life. You abused me NJ. You abused me.” Her voice broke when she realised that this was the first time she would be admitting the abuse publicly. “Mentally, emotionally and physically and I stayed with you thinking you’d change. I’ve heard everything you’ve said today and I can tell that you haven’t changed. You’re not truly remorseful, you’re just frustrated at the inconvenience that this issue has caused and I’m mad at you and even more so at myself for almost believing that we could possibly try again. I ran away because God told me to; if I had stayed with you and gone on tour I am certain that either you would have killed me or I would have done it myself. I have had enough of you and yet…” She stopped and reconsidered her words and again her hand unknowingly cupped her stomach. “You need help NJ and for the sake of my sanity, my safety, my health and that of our unborn child, I cannot be your wife. Do you understand what I’m saying? We cannot be married anymore.”

His face was emotionless as he stared at his wife trying to process what she just said. She was pregnant. He was sure that the last time she miscarried the doctor said she could not get pregnant again. Then it hit home – when did he become this man that his wife was afraid of? When did he become like Claudia? He looked down at his hands under the table and realised he had clenched them into fists. His hands frightened him when it dawned on him that these were the same fists he had been clenching out of habit since he was a preteen, the same ones that beat his wife for the past eight years. There was no way he could use these same hands to raise a child, he needed to change. And he needed to change fast. He unclenched his hands to expose his palms, as if being freed from shackles. Instantly he became frightened by his sudden taste of freedom, he kept his hands under the table as they trembled from fear – this was just too much information for him to take in.

Thankfully, NJ had chosen a seat next to his father. With his scarred left hand, NJ Senior reached for his son’s right hand and squeezed it as an act of comfort and reassurance. NJ Senior felt so sad and bad for his son; he never knew how lost NJ Junior was until this moment.

“You’re pregnant?” He whispered to himself absentmindedly as he tried to work out the mathematical equation of how, plus when, divided by impossible, multiplied by where. At the end, the equation sum equaled to Tara’s wedding at the hotel, he was so drunk that night.

“Yes, I am.” Sharon replied with a little fear in her voice. “It’s one of the reasons why I came back. I had to let you know. NJ, you realise that just because I’m pregnant it doesn’t mean we should be together? You understand why we can’t be married anymore?” She had to be sure he understood.

“Yes, I understand Semilore.” NJ whispered with his head down still holding his father’s hand. Sharon had never heard NJ call her by her given name neither had she seen him this vulnerable before, but she chose not to dwell on it and instead accepted his response.

“Hmmmm. Don’t worry Sharon Cloud, abi it’s Sharon Rain or whatever it is you call yourself! You can GO! We’ve never liked you in our family. How can we even be sure that the thing you’re carrying is even my son’s child? You daughter of Eve! Parading your nakedness everywhere like an open market! Market seller! WO! Just don’t sit there and think you’ll trap my son for financial gain using another man’s child. I’ll make sure that the ‘god’ I serve will punish you severely for your evil ways!! You will not get a single kobo of my son’s money. You hear me!! Classless gold-digger. Nonsense!” Claudia spat her venom with intent to hurt Sharon. Sharon always knew First Lady Claudia was mean, but now she knew Claudia was wicked and not a Christian at all. The shock! First Lady Claudia’s behaviour reminded her of someone and she was looking at him.

“MA!” NJ shouted. “You don’t ever get to talk to her like that! You don’t get to speak for me. You don’t have the right to do so! You either shut up or leave!”

“Hmm, Adeniyi-John Junior, me? I, your mother should shut up or leave? E gba mi ke, and I was just saying my own oh. Ok sorry, continue.” Claudia apologised sarcastically clapping her hands together and releasing them in a ‘whatever-you-want-I-guess’ kind of way.

Sharon was in shock and she chuckled lightly in disbelief, she could not remember a time when NJ had defended her to his mum. Interesting that today was the first time.

“With that being said, would you both like to employ the services of Cornerstone Law Firm to facilitate the necessary paperwork and advise you on the filing process?” Chika asked trying to fill the awkward silence, still very professional and poised. Sharon and NJ had forgotten she was in the room, they both looked at her when questioned and nodded in unison.

As Chika provided them with more information, Sharon’s mother got teary-eyed, and held on to her husband who had remained in thoughtful-silence for most of the meeting. Sharon’s brother, Pastor OH, did not look surprised by the decision his little sister had made. The whole situation caused him to pray silently throughout the meeting, he only spoke when he was addressed. He could not help but think; “this could have been Kumz and I if we hadn’t reconciled.” He reminded himself to call his wife and tell her how much he loved her.

NJ Senior never let go of his son’s hand. It was like he was carrying his five-year-old “Junior” again. The Pastor knew that a lot, if not all of NJ Junior’s issues stemmed from what he witnessed growing up. This broken marriage was a direct result of his disobedience to God when he was told not to marry Claudia because she was not fit to be his wife. NJ Senior really repented for his decision the day his wife had asked him to take money from the church bank account and although God was still very much with him, it did not take away from the fact that his decision came with consequences. Today was just one of many. He looked at his First Lady with sincere pity and prayed that God would forgive her, touch her and mend her broken heart and he prayed in his heart for his son and the daughter he had now lost.

Chika had finished explaining the divorce process and procedure to NJ and Sharon and provided them with a copy of Wole’s assessment of each of them. She allowed them to read the one-page reports and then indicated that the meeting had come to a close.

“Before we all go, I just want to thank Chika for being here today to assist us to sort things out in an amicable manner. It’s not an easy task, but we thank you. It’s definitely not a day of joy, however we remain hopeful that today’s decisions will honour God in some way and that He will restore and mend every broken heart in this room.” Senior NJ looked at his wife at his last statement. “I’d like us to pray before we leave.”

12 Months Later

Track 8: Make The News III feat. VJ Lara

“What’s up guys? It’s your favourite girl, VJ Lara, with On The Beat Music News! Headlines today, Davido has finally dropped an album! The ‘Assurance’ crooner did a Beyoncé on us and released his self-titled album without any promo! His fans worldwide have had a lot to say about the album! Hit us up on twitter using our hashtag #OnTheBeatWithLara to let us know your favourite song on the project.

Next up in major news! I got a chance to meet and sit with the infamous Sharon Starr! We discussed her past year and it seems that Miss Starr is back on the scene! Here are a few clips from the interview…

The hour long interview exclusive will air at 9pm tonight on our new show ‘Centre Stage, with Lara!’ You don’t want to miss this at all!

And that’s all we have time for right now! Thanks for tuning in!

Remember to stay locked and keep it fresh with On The Beat Music TV.”

Track 9: Centre Stage

“And we’re rolling in 5, 4, 3….” Everyone on set stayed silent as Lara turned to face the viewers that would eventually tune in on Thursday at 9pm.

“Welcome back to ‘Centre Stage With Lara’ a show where we get to have one-on-one conversations with the continent’s biggest superstars and influencers. Tonight for our maiden episode we have with us Semilore, the AfroPop sensation formerly known as Sharon Starr!”

Lara turned back to face Semilore at just the right angle making sure she was in camera focus.

“Now before the break, we discussed your name change and being discovered at such a young age by NJ The Producer, who would then go on to become your manager and husband. With him you had hit single after single, endorsement deals and tours. What could you say made your musical partnership work so well?”

Semilore smiled, but her eyes did not, she knew the NJ questions were coming. Lara happened to be one of the best music and lifestyle journalists in the country, it would have been career suicide if she did not ask about NJ. Thankfully Semilore was prepared.

“Our musical partnership was a success because NJ is a musical and business genius! I had the voice and the looks, he had the sound and the resources and together we were the total package. NJ had a lot of popular songs out before I got discovered, but I think together we offered a different take on the AfroPop Sound.” She breathed.

“I agree! Your song ‘Hit Maker’ was my anthem back in the day!” Lara started dancing in her seat remembering the treble beats of the song and started humming and singing the lyrics she could remember.

“I’m a Starr, it’s in my name, something, something
Shake what your Mama gave you,
Let it go,
Hands in the air!
It’s a hit, It’s a Hit, something, something
Back to back it’s a Hit the gbedun is a Hit!”

Lara giggled, while Semilore maintained a stiff smile, how she wished Lara would not sing that song, if only Lara knew.

“Now, last year was an eventful year for you. At one point we thought you were missing, then you unofficially took a break from music and unfortunately you and NJ The Producer called it quits as a couple. Would you say that the events of last year created a rift between yourself and NJ, because you guys were real couple goals?” Lara enquired and Semilore smirked.

“Couple goals?” She laughed repeating the phrase and ignoring everything else Lara mentioned, “unfortunately things didn’t work out, and honestly the ins and outs of what happened aren’t things I wish to discuss. But I’ll say this: God has been faithful, NJ and I have a beautiful baby girl who we love to bits, I’m back making and writing the type of music I love and I’m in the process of launching two initiatives very close to my heart. God has been amazing even though it’s been a hard year.” She ended her speech by reaching for the glass of water opposite her because she needed to relax.

“Do you think yourself and NJ would ever make music together again?” Lara knew not to push it too much with questions about NJ.

“No. I don’t think so. Right now I’m looking forward to working with an array of producers and writers alike, and if for some reason God sees fit that NJ and I make music together again, then the opportunity will present itself, but for now, no.” She shifted in her seat, why was it getting hot all of a sudden.

“What are the initiatives you’ll be launching and when?”

“In due time I’ll spill the beans, but what I can say for now is that one has to do with caring for young children who’ve experienced a tough upbringing and the other has to do with music, specifically song writing.” This was the first time during the interview that a genuine smile showed up on Semilore’s face.

“Seems like you’re really excited about these ideas you have.” Lara said curiously. “You must be really passionate about them?”

“I am, and I can’t wait to get things up and running but in the meantime I’m focusing on getting my new music out as an independent artist. It’s been challenging but much more fulfilling than I expected”, she replied, needing to change the direction in which the interview was going. She did not want to discuss NJ anymore and she did not want to talk too much about her initiatives just yet. She came here to talk about music.

“Yes, let’s talk about your new music. You recently released a gospel song called ‘The First’ which seems to be doing really well, debuting at number one on iTunes and has been at number one for the past six weeks. How does that make you feel and are we to expect a gospel EP from you?” Lara asked eagerly. She actually loved Semilore’s new song and played it often in her car.

“I feel good and excited about the success of the single, but ultimately I can say this was God’s doing. Yes there’s the gospel message in my new music but I’m not a Gospel genre artist, my sound is more Soul and Jazz. I am working on an EP, which I’m hoping will be released in the summer. It’s a ‘love’ EP and I can’t wait to have it finished.”

The women continued to discuss Semilore’s music plans, women in the African music industry and the industry’s rising international attention. It was an insightful interview and the music station tweeted the day after it aired:

@OnTheBeatMusicTV_ng: First episode of #CentreStageWithLara was a success, with millions of viewers tuning in! And #1 trending story on Twitter and other SM platforms.

@OnTheBeatMusicTV_ng: Shout out to #SharonStarr #Semilore for sitting with us and performing the a-cappella version of her latest single #TheFirst! Link to the full performance is here… #CentreStageWithLara

@OnTheBeatMusicTV_ng: This episode will re-air on Sunday at 3pm & a new episode of #CentreStageWithLara will be on next week Thursday at 9pm! We’ll be chatting to…


As a sign of relief he gave a deep sigh when the ending credits began to roll. He did not know that he had been holding his breath the whole time the interview was on. He muted the TV and looked across to where his parents sat on the love seat, nobody said a word for what felt like forever.

“She spoke well, don’t you think?” Pastor NJ asked.

“Yes, dad she did. I was a bit on edge you know, considering everything.” NJ Junior sounded embarrassed at the thought of the past.

“Mmmm, spoke…well.” First Lady Claudia slurred.

Both husband and son looked in her direction very shocked.

Tun’so. Repeat that again.” NJ Senior addressed his wife in Yoruba and English.

She said it again her speech still slurred, but he understood her. He jumped up with his hands in the air “Praise The Living Jesus! You can talk!”

Shortly after NJ and Semilore’s divorce was finalised, First Lady Claudia had been at church for the Women Ministry’s weekly gathering of “God’s Prayer Wonder Warriors.” Sister Patricia, the church’s self-ordained news receiver and giver, had approached First Lady Claudia to confirm if what she had heard was true – even though she knew it was.

“Ah, Mummy Claudi, I want to speak with you quickly… ehn I heard that things are no longer good with ourson and that his pop star wife. When I heard it I instantly rebuked the devil that told me! Not in this house of God. So ehn…” Sister Patricia often looked above the rim of her outdated glasses when gossip was getting sweet but Claudia cut the sweetness short.

“Sister Patricia, you are in fact that devil and in Jesus’ name I rebuke you and your sources from hell!” As she was getting ready to pour more curses on Sister Patricia, Claudia felt a sudden numbness on her left side; the left side of her face changed and she could no longer feel her left arm or her left leg. She fell hard! Her head missed the side of the seat she had been standing next to. She knew what was happening, she was having a stroke, just as her Papa had suffered. And what a wicked man of ‘god’ he was.

Since the stroke, Claudia had not been able to speak clearly, even with therapy she struggled a lot and so it was a surprise to hear her say something so clearly that night, especially something ‘nice’ about Semilore.

NJ had decided to sell the home he shared with Semilore and move in with his parents. Wole had told him he needed to be around people who cared about his wellbeing. His person of choice was his dad, and Claudia being ill meant she was silent as he embarked on his healing journey. Other than his father, NJ also met with Wole twice a week learning how to tell his truth, pick out his lies and learn restorative methods and techniques that would help him control his anger.

He still loved the Sharon version of his ex-wife, but he was learning to respect and deeply admire the actual Semilore. He knew they would not get back together even though he prayed hard they would. He worked very hard at maintaining peace with her for the sake of their daughter and for the sake of God. He was learning who God was all over again, this time for himself.

Adeniyi-John Junior looked over at his parents and unknowingly smiled faintly at the joy he saw on their faces because of Claudia’s first words in months. He would never understand them and why they stayed together because it was definitely a God-mystery, however he loved the peace he now had towards them both.

“Fools make fun of guilt, but the godly acknowledge it and seek reconciliation.”

Proverbs 14:9 NLT

Track 10: The First (Bonus)

Verse 1:
You saved me,
Before I even knew I needed saving.
Oh how you rescued me
You loved me,
Before I even knew I needed loving.
Oh, what unexplainable love
Faithful God, Faithful King,


You are The First, Before All Else
You are The First, Before time began
You are The First, That held my hand
You Are The Son, The Spirit, You Are God
You Are The First, The Three in One.


Verse 2:
You forgave me,
Even before I knew I needed forgiving
Oh how your forgiveness frees
You protected me,
Even though I walked away from your presence
But, oh how I run to you,
Faithful God, Faithful Friend,


You are The First, Before All Else
You are The First, Before time began
You are The First, That held my hand
You Are The Son, The Spirit, You Are God
You Are The First, The Three in One


You Are, Faithful God, Faithful Friend
You Are, Faithful God, Faithful King
You Are, Faithful God, Faithful Then
You Are, Faithful God, Faithful Now
You are The First, Before All Else
You are The First, Before time began
You are The First, That held my hand
You Are The Son, The Spirit, You Are God
You Are The First, The Three in One


“He existed before anything else, and he holds all creation together. Christ is also the head of the church, which is his body. He is the beginning, supreme over all who rise from the dead. So he is first in everything.”

Colossians 1:17-18 NLT

The First – (Original song by Written by Olayide Babayemi, sung by Ayobola Deborah)

Final Words by Dr. Wole Ayotunde

Hi, reader, it’s Dr. Wole here. I know, you’re probably thinking, “where did he go?” I’m here and still very much a part of NJ and Semilore’s lives. I’m still NJ’s therapist, and I referred Semilore to a colleague, because my role changed from facilitating potential marital reconciliation to providing personal counselling and healing therapy.

Anyway that’s not what I’m here to discuss per se, I guess you can consider this as a summary of what you read about the couple.

My time with these two has served as a reminder to not be fooled by outward appearances. Semilore initially saw the total package that was NJ – he was everything she thought she wanted in a man. As a teenager, seeing NJ at his father’s church those many years ago, Semilore was convinced that NJ was ‘the one’. He had money, notoriety and he was also a PK (Pastor’s Kid). Surely that meant he was godly too? I’m reminded of 1 Samuel 16, when God selected David to be the next King of Israel. David’s brothers all looked like kings but they did not have a heart for The King – God. David the least King-looking teenager was the one God wanted.

With that being said, I am very pleased about the progress and necessary impact Semilore is having in Nigeria. I was invited to the launch of her new organisations this past weekend. The first is ‘The African Association of Songwriters and Composers’ – a publishing and royalties company; the second is ‘Mirror Image’ – an organisation that helps children and adults who have been victims or have witnessed domestic abuse.

As for NJ, he too is doing well, or should I say he’s getting better. He’s still my client and we’ve been working on rehabilitation for his anger and reconciliation for his past. It has not been easy, but I’m seeing a change in him and he has grown to respect the work I do. I don’t want NJ to be another statistic or labeled as trash man, yes he has made very bad choices in life, but to write him off without considering the things that made him this way wouldn’t be right. Thankfully NJ wants to be better and do better and it’s why rehabilitation is working (that and God).

“People with understanding control their anger; a hot temper shows great foolishness.”

Proverbs 14:29 NLT


  • According to a report by for every three DV victims, two will be female and one will be male.
  • Mankind also reported that in the UK there are 27 organisations for male victims of DV, none of which are located in London
  • In comparison to female victims of DV, male victims of DV are three times more less likely to report or talk about their abuse
  • DV leads to, on average, two women being murdered each week and 30 men per year
  • Women are considerably more likely to experience repeated and severe forms of abuse
  • Women are more likely to experience higher levels of fear and are more likely to be subjected to coercive and controlling behaviours.
  • In 2016 research by Domestic Violence Nigeria stated that one third of all women in Nigeria have experienced physical abuse. Roughly half of Nigeria’s estimated population of 160 million are women – one in three women is 27 million. 43% of these women believe that domestic violence is justifiable.
  • Domestic violence is rarely investigated, and almost largely regarded as a norm in Nigeria.

Domestic Violence is WRONG! It should not be endured, seek help if you’re experiencing it or if you know a victim.

“Don’t envy violent people or copy their ways. Such wicked people are detestable to the Lord, but he offers his friendship to the godly.”

Proverbs 3:31-32 NLT



By @OlayideM


WO! – Watch/See/Watch and see

E gba mi ke – “Can someone rescue me from this” (phrase often used to describe shock/disbelief)

Gbedun – Good vibes

Tun’so – Say that/it again

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  1. Wow wow!! Excellent writing and song writing too. This is a beautiful piece touching deep Issues. You told it in a beautiful way. Keep going Layide your gift is treasure.

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