Bring Back Our Girls

A moving and well written piece. Still praying for them.

It has been twenty-eight days since the bad men came to get us from school.

I do not know where we are right now because we are blindfolded whenever we are on the move, ever since senior Jumai tried to run away the second day after we were taken. She had managed to get past the guards at the entrance of the camp where we settled and started running into the forest, but somehow they found her and brought her back. She was screaming so loudly I was so sure my eardrums would burst.

Please, oga, I will never do it again, please don’t hurt me!” She kept saying, with tears streaming down her face. But her tears did not even seem to register with the man who was dragging her back in to the camp grounds.

The man who brought Jumai back was scary looking. He had an…

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