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Product: Lip Balm By Ree ~ All Natural Lip Balm

Lip Balm by Ree

Lip Balm By Ree – Long lasting, moisturising lip balm made with natural ingredients. Price Breakdown: Balm ~ £3.50; P&P ~ £2.00 (per balm due to weight). Postage from UAE.


About Lip Balm By Ree:

I started making lip balm early 2017 after finishing a really good tube of lip balm I had gotten at a beauty expo. My issue was finding the product and then having to wait for the balm to get to Dubai. The also annoying thing was that there was so much balm left in the tube and no possible way for me to really “finish” the balm. I had a problem, chapped lips and packaging that wouldn’t allow me to be great. So I did a little research, got my ingredients and began making lip balms and gave them out as gifts. Those gifted with the first batch of balm received them in small recycled honey pots or lip balm tins. Since first making the balm I have played around and improved the recipe (you’ll no longer find a pool of honey sitting at bottom of the pot).

AND YES! Everything in the balm is natural!

Butters: Shea & Cocoa | Oils: Vanilla Infused Olive, Argan, Tea Tree, Coconut, Vitamin E
Wax: Beeswax | Fragrance: Vanilla Oud | Other: Honey

Benefits: The long-lasting balm softens and soothes dry lips keeping them moisturised & hydrated.

Best Use: Throughout the day when lips feel dry. For best results, incorporate into your night time routine by applying the balm before bed for soft lips in the morning.

Weight/Quantity: 10g/10ml

Worldwide Shipping available*

Have questions? Feel free to Contact Me!

* Worldwide Shipping is available, unless limited by the UAE postal service. Please allow for up to 10 working days to receive your order.

Signed, @OlayideM. 💋




  1. Jaleel's Mummy says

    I totally love this lipbalm! All ingredients are natural which makes it a plus for me. My lips stay moisturised and look soo good, because the balm doesn’t dry out your lips like others. I applied this on my nose as it was peeling due to the cold from the snow, and it worked like magic! Y’all REEally need to try it and join the #ChappedLipsMatter movement.

  2. Debbie says

    I’ve enjoyed using the lip balm. Lovely product and smells great to!

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